SPoT Tampa Pro Results

The 28th annual Tampa Pro has come and gone, but not without its fair share of excitement! Located at the Skatepark of Tampa in Tampa, FL; this event is marked on the calendar of every skater every year. The 3 day event allows professional skateboarders to showcase their skills in a high pressure scenario.

Friday April 29th was the first day event which allowed pros to register and skate an open practice to prepare their lines. Saturday April 30th was the qualifying round. Each skater received two, one-minute runs and the best one would count. The top 30 runs would advance to the Semi-Finals, and the Top 2 (Vincent Milou & Yuto Horigome) went directly to the Finals.

After the qualifying round, the Independent Trucks Best Trick Contest was held on the Skatepark of Tampa double kinked rail. Jamie Foy took 1st place with his frontside crooked grind kickflip out! Following Jamie was 2nd place finish Jack Olson with a switch feeble grind to switch backside lipslide. Rounding out the top three with a 3rd place finish was Angelo Caro with a 360 flip lipslide.

Honorable mention on the 4th place finish was Andy Anderson with the longest darkslide I've ever seen. He could have easily won best trick with this one.

On Sunday May 1st, the real action began. At high noon the Semi-Finals began. 28 skaters from qualifiers were joined by previous Tampa Pro winners. Again, there were two, one-minute runs and the best one would count. This time around, only the top 10 runs would advance to the finals. The top 3 were Kairi Netsuke, Nyjah Huston, and Felipe Gustavo.

After the Semi-Finals, the Street Finals began at 3pm. Twelve total skaters competed, ten from the Semi-Finals and the original two straight shot winners from qualifiers (Vincent Milou & Yuto Horigome).

In the Finals round, each skater had three, one-minute runs with the best run counting toward the final score. While each skater put it all on the line, Jamie Foy came up the winner! 2nd place was Vincent Milou, followed by Jake Ilardi in 3rd place. See the full results of the Tampa Pro Finals here.

See all of the coverage from this event on the Skatepark of Tampa YouTube channel or the Skatepark of Tampa Instagram page.

Next up, we're looking forward to the Tampa Am on November 10-13, 2022.

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