SOVRN Snowbody Skateboard Deck

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SOVRN Snowbody Deck

Keep your homies guessing with the graphics on this SOVRN Snowbody skateboard deck! Each SOVRN graphic is designed in collaboration with artists around the world. This particular design is the Snowbody graphic which comes from artist Sin Fang. The Icelandic music artist got his start in visual arts which pairs well with this SOVRN skateboard deck.

SOVRN Quality

SOVRN skateboards utilize 7-layer hard rock maple built to provide stellar pop that lasts. Sized in 8.38" wide, this deck is great for street, transition, and technical trick use. 

Width Length Nose Tail Wheelbase
8.38" 32.00" 7.00" 6.625" 14.25"

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