Skateboard Deck Size Guide

Skateboard Deck Size Guide - What You Need to Know!
If you’re a skateboarder just starting out, finding the right skateboard deck size is essential for having the best possible experience. Depending on your style of skateboarding and body size, you may need a different size deck than someone else. To help you make an informed decision, here’s a guide to understanding the perfect skateboard deck size for you.

Deck Width
When it comes to choosing the ideal width for your skateboard deck, there are three main factors to consider: your height, shoe size, and skateboarding style. To determine the ideal width for your deck, start by measuring from the front of your foot until the back of your heel. The result should be close to the exact length of your shoe size in inches.

Generally speaking, most skaters with a shoe size of 6-9 are best suited to run a deck that's 7.5”-8”, and those with shoe size 9.5 and bigger have good luck with an 8"-8.5" or larger. Bringing height into the equation, if you’re between 4'11" and 5'4", then a board with a width of 7.5"–8" may suite you well. For skaters with bigger feet or those over 5'4", then 8"–8.5" is usually the ticket. With larger than 8.5" decks such as 9" wide becoming more common compared to just a decade ago.

Narrower boards tend to be better suited for technical street skating while wider boards provide better stability and are more suitable for cruising, bowl, or vert ramp riding. However, there are plenty out there that can flip a wide deck. It just comes down to your personal preference.

The wheelbase—the distance between your two trucks—is also important when it comes to selecting the perfect skateboard deck size for you. Typically speaking, longer wheelbases provide more stability at higher speeds while shorter wheelbases allow riders more control at slower speeds and tighter turns such during street skating. For example, if you are looking for a board that can handle speed but still provide responsiveness in turns then choose one with a wheelbase between 13"–14". Conversely, if you are looking for greater stability at higher speeds then opt for one with a wheelbase between 14"—15".

Nose & Tail
When it comes to the nose and tail of your skateboard deck, the nose on popsicle shaped decks is typically larger than the tail to help with noseslides, nollie tricks, and to a lesser extent quickly identify which is which when skating. The tail is typically smaller and shaped to provide a better pop. These can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer of the deck, and some are even made to be identical such as a twin tip or twin tail. Measuring the overall length of the board from nose to tail, on average the majority of boards out there are 32" long, with skinnier boards such as 7.75" width using a 31.5" length, while 8.5" and wider boards are more than 32" long.

What does it all mean!?
Finding the right skateboard deck size can make all the difference in how well suited it is to your body type and preferred style of skating. All of the previously mentioned information is meant to guide you when picking out your first skateboard. You may need to try out several sizes before you find the sweet spot that works best for you. With this guide in mind, now all that's left is picking out a set of trucks, wheels, and bearings to complete your setup!