Ace Trucks Brand Spotlight

Skate Hub is proud to offer high-quality skateboard trucks from Ace Trucks! New to skateboarding and not sure who Ace is? No problem! We're shining a spotlight on their history and how they've become a staple in the skateboard community.


Ace trucks was founded by Joey Tershay and Steve “Shrewgy” Ruge in 2007. Their goal was set to create the best performing trucks skateboarding had ever seen, backed by their extensive experience and knowledge. This proved to be simple by definition, and a bit more difficult in execution. Ace persevered through challenging early years, slowly building an impressive team roster that grew along with brand popularity over the years.

In 2017 Joey Pulsifer was welcomed as the third partner in Ace, coming onboard with innovative concepts to improve the trucks strength and functionality. In April 2021 Ace released the AF1, the strongest cast truck on earth. This would prove to be a pivotal point in the brands evolution, solidifying its place as one of the most demanded trucks in the world.

Ace Classic Trucks

The Classic is where Ace began, and became an instant winner that delivers unmatched turn and grind performance. Ace's proprietary geometry, industry-first oversized axles, and beveled hanger ends combine to provide better cornering/turning as well as improved bearing performance. Ace Classic skateboard trucks are manufactured using industry-standard 7071 aluminum for strength and durability that lasts. Each axle features heat-treated 3056 steel that is oversized for performance. The Classic is still a popular choice for a variety of skateboarders still to this day.

Ace AF1 Trucks

While it was hard to improve on the classic, Ace knew there were some things they could tweak to bring an even better skateboard truck to the market. The AF1 was the next big thing on the horizon. Years of development in their proprietary cast process resulted in a 70% increase in the structural integrity of the aluminum of the AF1. This makes it the strongest cast truck on the market for the ultimate performance, all without deviating from Ace's original geometry. The AF1 trucks have machined-face hanger ends for precise bearing contact as well as SAE 4140 steel alloy oversized axles that eliminate bearing wobble. A refined bushing/washer combination delivers a cleaner turn. Each Ace AF1 skateboard truck is manufactured using high-quality AA 356.2 alloy and true T6 heat-treated baseplates and hangers for strength and durability that lasts. Finally, patent pending rethreading axle nuts are included to ensure no more damaged axle ends! The AF1 skateboard truck truly is advancing the technology in ways skateboarding hasn't seen before.

None done yet...

While the previously mentioned Ace Classics and AF1 skateboard trucks have been game-changers since 2007, Ace isn't done yet. They continue to tweak and add variations to these offerings such as the Ace Low trucks that are 4mm lower in height, as well as the Ace AF1 Hollow trucks that feature hollow kingpins and axles that result in an 8.6% weight savings over the standard AF1.

Ace Trucks are here to stay, and we're excited to see what the future brings for this company and the skateboard community.