Cherries Wheels Big Boys 60mm Skateboard Wheels

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Cherries Big Boy Wheels

Bolt on the biggest wheel yet in the Cherries Wheels lineup with their 60mm Big Boys wheels! This wheel pays homage to one of the best punk bands ever, straight out of Austin, TX. They provided skate punk, punk funk and lyrics to live by. Blasting BigBoys makes any skate session way more fun. This wheel is a 60mm 97a, natural white, conical shape. Made from the best urethane on the market, made right here in Texas with artwork by Brett Stiles. All sets come with special matching sticker.

Size  Contact Patch Durometer
60mm 25mm 97A


About the Brand

Cherries Wheels was created to hold space in the skateboard industry as a woman-skater owned wheel company. Their vision as a WSoC is to offer skaters premium urethane wheels while increasing representation, allyship, and support for non-traditional skateboarding within the industry. Cherries Wheels is home grown, female owned, and manufactured in the USA. Each wheel is built ethically, and without exploitation. They take pride in their wheels and everyone who rides them. 

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