Shortys Doh-Doh's Bushings

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Shorty's Doh-Doh's Bushings

In production for over 20 years, Shorty's Doh-Doh's bushings are the number one go to for skaters around the world when they want to dial in the performance of their trucks. Utilizing premium-quality urethane from the number one off-road vehicle urethane company, they're not kidding when they say they're the best bushings in the world!

Durometer Options

Shorty's Doh-Doh's are available in several durometer hardness options. Each set is formulated to not fluctuate with outside temperatures. You can stick these in a freezer for a week, or in the trunk of your car on a hot summer day and they would maintain their durometer. That means never having to adjust your trucks in any temperature. Just one more reason Doh-Doh's are the number one selling bushing for 20+ years!

 Color Durometer Hardness
Blue 88a Soft
Red 95a Medium/Hard
White 98a Hard
Black 100a Super Hard

Customer Reviews

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Jason Crawford

If prefer a stiffer ride for ramps, downhill or cruising these are the best I've found. Tried a few others but Shorty's 98a are superior fo sho!!

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